Yanneke Too, a beautifully designed luxury superyacht built by Camper & Nicholsons, is the realization of the owner's dream. The owner, an experienced offshore yachtsman, approached British designer Bill Dixon with specific ideas and provided continuous input throughout
the build. A true "gentleman's yacht," the Yanneke Too was purposely constructed for worldwide pleasure cruising.

Her design called for a sleek, elegant vessel with a 'sporty' on-deck atmosphere and a sufficiently shallow draught to allow entry into the best cruising areas in the world.
Today's Yanneke Too truly combines all the thrills of sailing a magnificent vessel with all the conveniences of modern motor yachting. Twin 38m (125ft)carbon-fiber masts, manufactured by Omohundro in the United States, are paired with New Zealand's Marten Marine's convenient in-boom roller-furling system. This allows for the best balance between ease of handling, optimum sail area and sail shape. North Diamond of the U.K. provided the fore and aft sails, which are cut from Bainbridge cloth and utilize an innovative Vectran insert that protects against ultra-violet deterioration.

Yanneke Too's interior design is not the work of only one designer, but rather a blend of three. Through creative division of interior space, Bill Dixon undertook the structural design while Terence Disdale added his personal brand of magic. Richard Hornbacher completed the design with an aesthetic collection of fabrics and artwork. Quarter-sawn plank hardwood floors and rich, hand picked cherry-wood joinery merge the elegant curving lines of the ship's interior with the structural elements of a sailing craft. A magnificent bird's-eye maple and briar table, half-surrounded by a white leather settee, nestles in a romantic corner to provide intimate dining for four or, when occasion demands, extends diagonally to accommodate up to eight people.

Yanneke Too, a superbly crafted vessel in every way, combines the wonders
of modern technology with classic nautical beauty.